Pinterest, Google, Facebook, More: Wednesday Buzz, January 29, 2014

From Mashable: 8 museums sharing on Pinterest.

More Pinterest: it has a new tool available: “Pinterest has introduced a new tool called Interests. It is designed to make it easier for pinners to explore topics they are most interested in and find new pins on topics that they most frequently pin on.”

Twitter, CNN, and a company called Dataminr have teamed up to develop a Twitter alert system for journalists.

More Twitter: Twitter has launched new search filters. Videos and photos, self explanatory. But I’m curious to see how it’s going to find news. I don’t know if it’s going to define certain links as news, or from certain Twitter accounts, or (and this would be awesome!) by an algorithm. (Well, it’d be awesome if it were a GOOD algorithm.)

From Georgia Tech researchers: How politics divide Facebook friendships. “Facebook’s algorithms don’t help the cause. Newsfeeds are filled with the friends a person most often interacts with, typically those with strong ties. Grevet suggests that the social media site should sprinkle in a few status updates on both sides of political issues. That would expose people to different opinions, which are typically held by weak ties.” Both sides of political issues? There are only two sides?

Is Google close to an EU antitrust settlement? “A key factor, said the article, is that regulators will not give Google’s rivals the opportunity to provide feedback and thereby object to the settlement terms. Apparently there will be no ‘market test’ this time.”

Here’s a quick Google+ search tip to find animated photos.

More more Google: a recent Google bug has caused some users to accidentally delete or mark as spam some messages they did not intend to.

In news that should surprise nobody, Facebook has been announced as the most popular social network. Tied for third? Google+ and Twitter. Second? YouTube. Wait… YouTube’s a social network? Good evening, Internet…

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