Spinning Tops, Olympics, Encryption, More: Short Monday Buzz, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl’s over! Want to skip all the Monday morning rehashing and go straight to reviewing the commercials? Here ya go.

I love this archiving Kickstarters. Please help support this Kickstarter to develop an digital archive of Japanese spinning top folk art. At least read the backstory on the page. Fascinating!

Who’s got a huge list of sites for learning about the upcoming winter Olympics? Why, it’s Larry Ferlazzo! learns that “only the best” isn’t the best when it comes to Google Alerts. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that Google Alerts still misses a fair amount of stuff when you specify that you want “all” of the results sent to you.

From LifeHacker: a beginner’s guide to encryption.

A book that is believed to be the first White House memoir has been digitized and put online. “Paul Jennings, born a slave in 1799 at the home of the fourth U.S. President, penned the thin volume after purchasing his own freedom in 1847.” Good morning, Internet…

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