Bing, Twitter, Fold3, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, February 12, 2014

Interesting: a Web service that aggregates quotes you gather across the Internet. It’s called Gloss.

Have you heard about OpportunitySpace? It’s developing online databases of publicly-owned land and buildings in various municipal areas, and has launched its first properties database, for Louisville, Kentucky. “The comprehensive catalog brings together property data from various government agencies and centralizes it in a single, searchable website that is free and open to the public. One of its current uses is for the city’s ‘Lots of Possibilities’ land use redevelopment competition for vacant properties, in which residents can submit ideas to repurpose a vacant lot in the city.”

Duke Digital Collections has added over 300 newly-digitized interviews to its Behind the Veil: Documenting African-American Life in the Jim Crow South digital collection. ” The new interviews are specifically focussed on North Carolina residents. Although several regions are represented, many interviews focus on the Charlotte, Durham and Enfield regions of the state.”

In recognition of Black History Month, Fold3 is making all publications in its Black History Collection free through the end of February.

Apparently Twitter is testing an interface design that looks a lot like Facebook. Because all Facebook users are just thrilled with how Facebook presents content, right? I think my head just exploded.

If this is true, ewww! Bing! Is Bing censoring Chinese-language search results in the US? “Searches first conducted by anti-censorship campaigners at FreeWeibo, a tool that allows uncensored search of Chinese blogs, found that Bing returns radically different results in the US for English and Chinese language searches on a series of controversial terms.”

More Bing: Bing is now offering Bitcoin conversion. (And Google apparently still isn’t?)

What a lovely idea for a Tumblr: curated public domain photos.

Old schoolin’: apparently the Search Engine Watch forums have gone offline. But is it for good? Good morning, Internet…

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