Instagram, Dropbox, Evil? More: Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, February 12, 2014

When you want to learn to cook, but have no attention span: Cooking lessons via 15-second Instagram videos.

Dropbox is getting on the transparency report train.

Mozilla is going to sell advertising in its Firefox browser? Oh, eww. EW EW EW EW. I can’t be the only one worried about malware distribution this way, can I? Ew ew ew.

From Amit Agarwal, How to password protect a Google form. This is a very ersatz solution. Any self-respecting geek will beat it in about twelve seconds. But if that’s not your audience, this might be useful.

Apparently OpenStreetMaps is getting the gold medal for mapping the area of the Sochi Olympics. “Google still has a huge advantage in navigation — typing an address into your phone and getting step-by-step directions to your destination. That’s the next step in OSM’s evolution, OSM founder Steve Coast wrote in a recent blog post announcing that Telenav, the personal navigation company he joined last year, had acquired skobbler, a German company that developed a popular OSM-based GPS navigation app.”

Lifehacker asks: Is Google Evil? then puts together a lot of arguments from readers. I don’t really like the question – evil means different things to different people – but it’s a thought provoking collection of arguments, and the comment section is actually very good for a comments section.

Y’know, I was wondering. Why GMail’s contact manager is so bad. Also, why can’t I find a dead-stupid-simple contacts manager that I like? I’m trying to find one for some of my employees (in my Real Job(tm)) and I can’t find anything that doesn’t have six hundred bells and whistles. I used to work at an advertising agency back in the early 1990s, and I used Hypercard to track PR contacts. I would love to have that now. But you won’t be able to import statuses and photos from Facebook! WHO GIVES A RAT’S BEHIND??!! I just want to be able to easily track the last time we called a client! …. sorry, it’s late and I’m tired…. good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. RE: contact manager. Pat Sullivan founded ACT! and then SalesLogix and now is working on a new start-up that he says will be a revised email/contact manager combination with lots of bells and whistles for collaboration. Both of his previous products were super contact managers… SalesLogix was/is a so-called customer relationship manager (CRM). Might want to check Sure wish you’d go with black type. Nice blog but not easy to read gray type.

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