Kickstarter, Spain, Sports Stats, More: Sunday Afternoon Buzz, February 16, 2014

Yikes! Kickstarter has been hacked, and the site is recommending you change your password immediately.

Speaking of security, be careful about those Flappy Bird knockoffs. They may contain malware.

The Malta Independent has a story on a new search engine for points of interest in cities around the world (though it’s described more like a searchable subject index.)

The government of Spain wants to force search engines to pay for some content. “The new rule was introduced in the draft of an intellectual property law that the center-right People’s Party government will present to parliament for approval … Under the proposed changes, the search engines would not have to seek permission to publish brief fragments but would have to pay ‘an equitable remuneration for the use’.” I think I understand the reasoning but this is a slippery slope.

Google has published the full text of its EU antitrust agreement.

Apparently people read stories less often than you’d think before tweeting them? I guess that explains why linkbait headlines work so well. On the other hand I read stories before I tweet them because I’m afraid of telling y’all something stupid…

Wolfram|Alpha has added a ton of historical stats for basketball and baseball. Good afternoon, Internet…

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