Modernist Houses, PDF Editing, Olympics, More: Monday Buzz, February 17, 2014

Login authentication company SlickLogin has been acquired by Google.

More Google: Google announced the 2014 Google Science Fair last week. “…we’re calling for students ages 13-18 to submit their brilliant ideas for the fourth annual Google Science Fair, in partnership with Virgin Galactic, Scientific American, LEGO Education and National Geographic. All you need to participate is curiosity and an Internet connection. Project submissions are due May 12, and the winners will be announced at the finalist event at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., on September 22.”

More More Google: The Google Timer is back. You may remember this from last year – it was an easy way to set up an in-browser timer and I found it useful when I didn’t have my phone handy. When I did have my phone handy I used UP/Down Timers from Energize Software ( ). Crazy useful timers and they didn’t pay me a dime for saying this.

North Carolina Modernist Houses has expanded its digital archive (press release). “Started in 2009 with the most well-known Modernists, such as Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lautner, the NCMY Masters Gallery has expanded to over 30 architects with extensive house histories and over 10,000 photos.”

Who’s talking Olympics on Facebook? There’s a buzz map for that.

Now available: an online locator for AA meetings (press release). Does not appear to cover the entire US, unfortunately – it apparently started on the West coast and is now expanding. I found eight meetings within 1 mile of zip code 90210.

From Fast Company: 14 Tools to Help You Add Images For Your Social Media Posts (I swear it said “for” and not “to”). Several I hadn’t heard of before; good list. Read the comments too for one more tool suggestion.

From PC World: 5 Cheaper Alternatives to Acrobat for PDF Editing. (Warning! PC World!) More alternatives in the comments again. Good morning, Internet…

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