Internet Archive, Firefox, Sauerkraut, More: Tuesday Buzz, February 18, 2014

The Internet Archive has a new software collection – and it’s business software! Unfortunately they don’t have an old version of Hypercard or Act! – the programs seem quite a bit older than that, more like 80s – and very Apple-oriented. Bank Street Writer!

Interesting: a Web tool that lets you track inter-site disagreements. Enter a URL and you can get links to other site pages which disagree with the page at which you’re looking. Limited coverage, but what a great concept.

How to search Google anonymously while staying signed in. (Firefox extension.)

Speaking of Firefox, version 27.0.1 was released last week.

More Google: The Reformed Broker has a great infographic (which is CC-licensed) for making the most of Google searches.

I love the idea of Chromebooks getting the ability to run VMWare.

Yahoo is teaming up with Carnegie Mellon. “One highlight of the partnership is an industry-first mobile toolkit that will enable CMU researchers to easily experiment with Yahoo’s real-time data services, letting them test new ways that machine learning and interface technologies can improve personalized user experiences. We like to think of this as part of a grand-scale living laboratory where researchers can explore new approaches to understanding human behavior through machine learning and interface technologies.”

You know out of all the possible wikis in the world you were JUST WAITING for a sauerkraut wiki. (Press release.) Good morning, Internet…

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