Bitcoin, Twitter, US News, More: Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, February 19, 2014

Is Tumblr taking a page from Google Doodle?

More vulnerable hardware: Linksys routers. (Warning! PC World!) “Technical details about a vulnerability in Linksys routers that’s being exploited by a new worm have been released Sunday along with a proof-of-concept exploit and a larger than earlier expected list of potentially vulnerable device models.”

I needed this; maybe you’ll find it useful too. Bitcoin for idiots, an introductory guide.

WHAT? This stinks! Apparently U.S. News has deleted Web content published before 2007. Boo! Unfortunately ResearchBuzz has lost a lot of content in the almost 16 years I’ve been doing this — but I’m one chick with a computer, not a magazine!

Can Twitter predict major events (like mass protests) in advance?

A database for identifying unclaimed cremated remains has been launched. (Press release.) “Forgotten Ashes contains the names of the cremated as well as possible survivors, when available, and allows for the easy sharing of that information through social networks. Any funeral home can register to list their own inventory of forgotten ashes, which will be available at any time until they wish to remove them or until they have been claimed.”

Thanks to Smashing Magazine for the pointer to , which explains software licenses in plain English.

WikiLeaks now has a search engine. “Just like Google, you can also refine the nature of your search for more accurate and focused results. Filters allow you to request that Wikileaks ignore documents with certain words, or only if your search terms appear within the body of the page. A series of check-boxes, meanwhile, gives you the ability to find files from a specific WikiLeaks release, such as the Kissinger Cables.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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