Wearable Tech, Mogao Grottoes, More: Thursday Buzz, February 20, 2014

Thanks to Adverblog for the heads-up on this list/database of wearable tech devices. There are almost 200 items on this list!

Underway: a digital archiving of the Mogao Grottoes. “The Mogao Grottoes in North West China are a treasure trove of cultural wonders. The caves contain some of the finest examples of Buddhist art in the world… [they] have been used as a natural canvas for artists for more than 1,600 years.”

Apparently PediaPress has launched an Indiegogo campaign to print the entire English Wikipedia. Because ? This is one of those rare fundraising campaigns where I’d actually consider giving them money not to do it.

From the New York Times: The Loyal Users of Google Plus Say It Is No Ghost Town. “Wooooo!” They did not add, failing to glow weirdly with an eldritch light. I share the contents of ResearchBuzz on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I get probably the most reactions on Twitter, some on Facebook (this is due to Facebook throttling; the ResearchBuzz page on Facebook has over 3000 fans and the average post on there reaches MAYBE 50 people) and almost nothing on Google+. This may be because I am way too boring for Google+. I don’t know.

More Google: the new Google Maps has rolled out.

There is now a WikiLeaks for the Bay area. (It’s called Bayleaks, of course).

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Gemini: “Today, we are excited to introduce Yahoo Gemini, the first unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. With Yahoo Gemini, advertisers get the performance and ease of search, combined with the scale and creativity of native advertising.” Good morning, Internet…

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