Kentucky, Security, Drexel, Bing, More: Fat Tuesday Buzz, February 25, 2014

An Indiana teenager is trying to raise $10,000 to create a new search engine. You in?

The country of Uganda is setting up an online database to track the arrests and identification of repeat poachers.

A large online archive devoted to the American Airforce in Britain during World War II is coming to Cambridgeshire. “The website will be based around The Roger Freeman Collection, a compilation of approximately 15,000 prints and slides assembled by Roger Freeman, a hugely-respected aviation historian and native of East Anglia. Many of these images have not, up to now, been publicly available.”

Now available: a new version of the FreeERISA online database (press release).

The Kentucky Historical Society has a new online genealogy magazine.

From How I Quit Google. (Thanks Wallace S. for the pointer!)

There is no patch for the Mac OSX SSL bug that I mentioned a couple of days ago, but there are things you can do to protect your computer.

Joyce Valenza has an interesting blog post on Cardwiki, a flashcard study tool.

Drexel University is starting a cybersecurity institute. “The Institute will bring together a breadth of faculty, professional staff, and research from across the University to study emerging cyber threats and risks. It will also be a resource to guide law and policy makers in the areas of cybersecurity, privacy and cyber risk management. In addition, the Institute will work to build partnerships with industry to help advance their cyber infrastructure protection and incident response.”

Bing is making it easier for users to find tax forms.

Nice: Curated collections of free commercial use photos.

Now you can get an even better idea of who’s stalking you on LinkedIn. Does anyone else get the idea that this makes any casual viewing of a LinkedIn profile instantly creepy? Do you think that’s what LinkedIn was going for?

And it’s a new Easter egg in Google: blinky text! Suddenly, it’s 1998 all over again. All we need is one of those cheesy little “under construction” icons and we’ll be all set. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. I really don’t like the Linked- in telling people who is looking at their site, especially when they send you info on who is updating their site or profile. I’m not a stalker if I am looking to see a person’s updates or new profile!

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