RPI, Dropbox, Mapping, More: Sunday Afternoon Buzz, March 2, 2014

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has digitized its newspaper archives. “Issues of The Poly from 1885 to 1976 can be searched online by anyone. An earlier iteration of The Poly that only lasted for one semester, the fall of 1869, is also available in the archives. Because some syndicated content is still protected by copyright, issues of The Poly from 1977 to 2001 can only be accessed on campus or with a current Rensselaer login.”

Nifty. Mapillary is trying to build a crowdsourced version of Google Street View. “With the app, a user can choose to collect images by walking, biking, or driving. Once you press a virtual shutter button within the app, it takes a photo every two seconds, until you press the button again. You can then upload the images to Mapillary’s service via Wi-Fi, where each photo’s location is noted through its GPS tag. Computer-vision software compares each photo with others that are within a radius of about 100 meters, searching for matching image features so it can find the geometric relationship between the photos. It then places those images properly on the map, and stitches them all together.”

Because all work and no play: Marvel is making thousands of comics available via an iOS and Android app.

You can now have unlimited secret boards on Pinterest.

Google is now showing restaurant menus in its search results, but this is a US-only feature at the moment…

Nice! Over 20 ideas and resources for teaching with Instagram. I think I found out about this from Pat O. Thanks Pat O!

The Economist has an interesting article about Wikipedia and the challenges it faces as it evolves.

From Lifehacker: 7 Downloads and Extensions to Make Dropbox Even More Awesome. Good afternoon, Internet…

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