Incredibly Random Monday Afternoon Buzz, March 3, 2014

There is a new database available for the Fairview Cemetery in Virginia. “Since its establishment in 1869 at the intersection of Lambert and Augusta streets in Staunton, Fairview has remained an important local landmark, providing a wellspring of stories and serving as a testament to the tradition of community building in the city’s black community.”

Bing now has a scientific calculator.

North Carolina capital Raleigh will get an open data Web site this month.

I can’t remember how I found this but I’m very grateful to whoever pointed it out: How to use Pinterest for dull topics. I have kind of tried to use Pinterest for ResearchBuzz, but it’s not as visual as, say, fashion. And I still don’t get Pinterest.

A high school student’s research may make online resources easier for color blind users.

Canadian doctors have launched a rare disease database. “Doctors log on, describe their patient and then upload the patient’s genome. That way, the database can consider the genetic cause of their disease. Other patients anywhere else in the world with similar characteristics might be in the system – their information stays private but the doctors can connect and even collaborate in piecing together what they know about the rare disease.”

Larry Ferlazzo has put together a bunch of resources for Mardi Gras.

Tor is set to launch a public beta of an anonymous messaging service towards the end of this month.

Ubuntu 14.04 betas are now available. Big deal as these are LTS releases. Good afternoon, Internet…

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