Twitter, XP, Comics, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, March 4, 2014

Twitter buying log cabins? Is it 1999 and y’all didn’t tell me? AM I GOING TO START HAVING GAZOONTITE FLASHBACKS? Is Whoopi Goldberg going to show up and start handing out Flooz?

Speaking of Twitter, it recently had a goofup where password reset notices were sent. No hacking. Just a goofup.

Wow, Kickstarter has received over $1 billion in pledges for its projects.

Are you still using Windows XP? Please start thinking about how you’re going to get off that OS by next month; the last security updates for XP come out on April 8. Considering how many ATMs still use XP and how big a user base it still has, I’m worried it’s going to be a huge target for hackers. (It actually gained usage share in February!) Microsoft is offering a free tool to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 (or 7, I suppose, if you’re moving to that.) If you’re interested in Linux but want to keep the XP look, you may find Zorin interesting.

I got a lot of retweets about the Marvel comics app, so… you can also download thousands of pre-1959 comics for free.

Heh, this is interesting: Duke University’s Preservation Underground is experimenting with using Instagram for training videos.

Looks like Google Docs is going to get voice dictation.

Genealogy search engine Mocavo will soon be offering online transcription.

From Mashable: 10 free audiobook sites.

Wolfram|Alpha has introduced version 2.0 of its chemical reactions interface. “In addition to narrowing your search using reactants and products, another new feature is the ability to search through chemical reaction classes. As previously mentioned, combustion of ethanol and oxidation of iron search for the reactant ethanol in our combustion reaction database and for the reactant iron in our oxidation reaction database, respectively.” Good morning, Internet…

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