Opera, Twitter, Yale, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, March 5, 2014

The Yale Library has made selected Arabic and Persian medical books available online. “The collection includes some unique Arabic and Persian medical materials, housed in the Medical Historical Library. Created by scholars from the past who adopted, translated and augmented Greek and Roman medical knowledge, this corpus of materials was transmitted to Western societies during the Renaissance.”

Google is apparently testing a new search results format. Personally I like my links underlined, but then again I am old.

Bing Saves has gone into public beta. “Just what the heck is Bing Saves all about? It happens to be a brand new manner for one to be able to save content that is discovered while searching on the website.”

The Opera Web browser has hit version 20.

The TED online archive has a new look.

The NOAA has a new ocean climate change Web portal. “It’s an online system that provides an easy way to display maps of climate data, such as ocean temperature and salinity, over portions of the globe. For example, it can allow you to view how the temperature in the North Atlantic would change in the 21st century as compared with the 20th century.”

If you’re using Linux, be sure and get your patches: it has a crypto bug.

My pal Julie A. pointed me toward this list of 45 design thinking resources for educators.

There’s a new free tool available to help academics find the best journal for their manuscripts. (Press release.) “Using a central information hub containing primary data from journals, secondary information from public sources, and perhaps most importantly, the shared experiences of researchers who have previously submitted papers to those journals, JournalGuide helps researchers to quickly evaluate scholarly journals in order to determine which ones reach their intended audience and, therefore, represent the best match for the content of their manuscript.”

I find the post-event Twitter blog posts very interesting. Twitter breaks down the Oscar tweets, and I’m left feeling like I’m the only one in the country who didn’t watch. Good morning, Internet…

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