Getty, Fashion, Ukraine, More: Friday Afternoon Buzz, March 7, 2014

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Getty is now allowing people to use its images for free – via an embedding tool. “Getty Images is dropping the watermark for the bulk of its collection, in exchange for an open-embed program that will let users drop in any image they want, as long as the service gets to append a footer at the bottom of the picture with a credit and link to the licensing page.” The images can’t be used for “commercial purposes” – not sure how that’s going to be defined.

The State Library of Victoria has a new research guide for fashion. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate.

From Upstart: 7 Kickstarter alternatives for artists, writers, and filmmakers.

Considering how quickly the situation is changing, I love of the idea of a “Snopes for Ukraine.” That’s the idea behind StopFake.

Google is having some issues with duplicate business listings on Google Maps. If you heard swearing from my direction a week ago, it was probably me as I got bit by this in a big way in my Real Job. I tried contacting the support team on February 27, and despite the promise of a 48-hour response time, still have not heard back from them…

From Mashable: 22 File-Sharing Tools.

Genealogists! FamilySearch and WorldCat are getting all cuddly. “More than 1 million FamilySearch genealogical records are now discoverable in WorldCat, the world’s largest database of records representing resources in libraries worldwide. Links to WorldCat are now available on Many FamilySearch records added to WorldCat represent large collections of vital information, such as birth and death records from localities all over the world.”

Does it seem to you like Yahoo has been buying up a lot of companies only to shut them down? You’re right. “Yahoo may be acquiring new energy for its company, but it also keeps shutting down the products it buys. Under Mayer, 31 of 38 acquired startups have closed their services.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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