Elsevier, Whales, HTML5, More: Wednesday Buzz, March 12, 2014

Elsevier has announced a new open access journal (press release.) “Colloid and Interface Science Communications provides an innovative channel for the rapid publication of short initial reports on new fundamental concepts, research findings and topical applications at the forefront of the increasingly interdisciplinary area of colloid and interface science.”

Now available: Whaleopedia! (Press release.) “Animal Fund, a forty-year old non-profit organization, has launched a unique website called Whaleopedia (, which gives viewers natural history information on every species of whale, dolphin and porpoise for free. What sets this site apart from all others is the massive number of unique photographs, video clips, and audio recordings of these animals, collected from all over the world.”

Katie Couric starts her Yahoo anchor gig Friday, and I’m still uneasy about it.

Fun from Hongkiat: 10 Free HTML5 Video Converters.

Apparently photos and videos get more retweets on Twitter. I’m kind of tempted to do little Vines of my news links. Or not.

More Twitter: if you weren’t able to get on Twitter yesterday you weren’t alone. Apparently it crashed. But hey, they have log cabins!

Snagit for Google Chrome now supports screencasting — even in Chromebooks. This could come in very handy.

The Internet Archive is creating an archive for Ukraine Web information. Good morning, Internet…

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