New Zealand, Harvard, Reddit, More: Fat Friday Morning Buzz, March 14, 2014

A new web site will track the well-being of US children across racial and ethnic groups. “The site,, allows users to create customized profiles, rankings and maps that make data visual, accessible and understandable.”

A new online archive of the British Anti-Apartheid movement is now available. “Forward to Freedom: the History of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement 1959-1994, went live this week, featuring archive highlights such as iconic posters from campaigns against the death penalty for the Rivonia accused and the 1970 Springbok cricket tour, footage from the Nelson Mandela tribute concert at Wembley Stadium in 1988, and and letters from Margaret Thatcher arguing against sanctions on South Africa.”

The government of New Zealand has launched a new online database of crime data.

Interesting: the Toronto Star is now sharing vintage photos via new Twitter account.

A new Kickstarter project (already funded) aims to create an online library of small farmer innovation.

Not feeling particularly great about this: Facebook will start including video ads.

Google+ is getting bigger thumbnails and headlines. Still not getting it… though I would like to thank Marsha B. for the G+ hat tips. :->

More Google: street view is getting a little damp, with a Colorado River view.

More more Google: it has lowered its prices on Google Drive storage. “We’ve lowered the price of our monthly storage plans to $1.99 for 100GB (previously $4.99), $9.99 for 1TB (previously $49.99), and $99.99 for 10TB”

Like the Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) but have a hard time reading them? There’s a site for that. “…there’s a new site called Interviewly that puts the most compelling Reddit AMAs into an easy to read interview format. Interviewly was built as a side project by Dan Drabik, a New York City-based software developer who works full-time at Kickstarter.”

Bing is offering a new way to match images.

I love it when Amit Agarwal gets all recursive: How to scrape Google with Google products (specifically Google Docs.)

From Entrepreneur: 7 Steps to Launching a Successful Twitter Chat.

Consdering a career move? Harvard Library is hiring a “Wikipedian-in-Residence”. Good morning, Internet…

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