Maps, Google, Craigslist, More: Sunday Buzz, March 16, 2014

You know how Ancestry is offering free access to Irish records through St. Patrick’s Day? So is MyHeritage.

Google has added concert dates to its knowledge graph.

More Google: Matt Cutts says Google stopped doing a search change log because the world got bored. LAME. Run the search “Search quality highlights” google Over 53,000 results when I tried it. Yeah, the world looks really bored. If Google doesn’t want to be that transparent or simply doesn’t want to be bothered, that’s one thing. But the excuse “the world got bored” is pathetic.

More More Google: There’s a very scary Google phishing scam going around! Are you using two-factor with your Google account? WHY NOT?

More More More.. you get the idea. The World Bank has added maps to the Google Maps Gallery.

Google Search will now be encrypted globally be default.

I have been thinking for a long time that the initial kneecapping of the newspaper industry had less to do with the Internet in general and more to do with one specific site – Craigslist. Now there’s an actual study on the subject. I’m not sure I’ll read the whole paper — not for $30 for just two days’ access — but I’m tempted…

From Small Business Trends: 20 Apps You’ll Need for Better Instagram Pics and Videos.

You know all those movies funded via Kickstarter? Now they’re available via iTunes!

PolicyMap has released a tool to let you do your own dataset mapping (press release). “PolicyMap is putting data mapping tools in the hands of the masses with a new Web tool that launched today at The site features an online mapping tool and access to more than 15,000 sets of public and commercial data – from demographics and crime stats to housing, bank loans, consumer spending, education, jobs, healthcare and much more.” Good morning, Internet…

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