Stamp Collecting, Scotland, Facebook, More: Friday Morning Buzz, March 21, 2014

I came across a paper yesterday that looked really interesting; it’s called “A Tool for Personal Data Extraction” and it will be presented at the 10th International Workshop on Information Integration on the Web (IIWeb 2014). Many thanks to Professor Amélie Marian for answering my questions about the paper; it’s available at .

The American Revenuer – a magazine dedicated to revenue stamp enthusiasts – is in the process of building a digital archive. The most recent five years of the publication will be available only to members of the American Revenue Association, but older issues will be freely available. Considering that the archive starts with 1970, that means that there are plenty of issues freely available.

Now available: a map showing 1200 years of Scotland shipwrecks. There are thousands of listings here.

Is Twitter going to get rid of @ replies?

Facebook has introduced a new programming language called Hack. “Working alongside a handful of others inside the social networking giant, they fashioned a language that lets programmers build complex websites and other software at great speed while still ensuring that their software code is precisely organized and relatively free of flaws — a combination that few of today’s languages even approach. ”

Gmail is going HTTPS-only.

More Google: it has started rolling out its new version of Sheets to everybody.

MORE Transparency Reports! This time it’s Comcast. “The report, released on Thursday, revealed that Comcast has received 25,000 requests from the U.S. federal, state and local law enforcement and government agencies in 2013.” Good morning, Internet….

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