Shakespeare, Glass, Vanishing Planes, More: Monday Buzz, March 24, 2014

Transparency reports are the new black. Here’s one from Time-Warner.

It looks like Twitter is testing showing the number of views your tweet got.

And yet I still don’t know what to do for ResearchBuzz: 20 Ideas for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn Cover Images.

Open Culture has a nifty post on where to read Shakespeare online. I had no idea there were so many versions.

“Well, that was a complete surprise,” said nobody ever: Google Glass spyware. “The stealthy software, designed by 22-year-old Mike Lady and 24-year-old Kim Paterson, takes a photo every ten seconds when Glass’s display is off, uploading the images to a remote server without giving the wearer any sign that his or her vision is being practically livestreamed to a stranger.”

More Google: Google Alerts has added filters for region and language.

Wondering how many planes have vanished since the end of World War II? Here’s a map. Note that this is not a static image and you can hover over one of the dots to get more information about that particular plane.

MIT Technology Review: How your tweets reveal your home location. This is not about geo-tagging. This is about a method developed that can guess home location (city) with an accuracy of almost 70 percent. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Really enjoy your posts, I get them by email. I was thinking that a good Facebook cover image for you might be a bookshelf with old and new books, an old map and photos framed on the wall beside it, with a big computer sitting in front. Take a photo of your desk? It looks like that in my imagination anyway! Can you tell I am a graphic designer?

    • Hey Ellen, those are good ideas but I think if I posted a picture of my desk I’d scare people. :-> I do have a shelf of the books I’ve worked on, I’ve thought about using that…

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