Tumblr, SAS, Quora, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, March 25, 2014

Nice one from MakeUseOf: 4 Ways to Make Photo and Movie Slideshows with Music.

The British Library has added its part of the Codex Sinaiticus to its digitized manuscripts collection. “The manuscript itself is now distributed between four institutions: the British Library, the Universitäts-Bibliothek at Leipzig, the National Library of Russia in St Petersburg, and the Monastery of St Catherine at Mt Sinai. … Over the next twelve months, a further 350 Greek manuscripts will be added to Digitised Manuscripts, in a project funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the A.G. Leventis Foundation, and a range of other donors.”

There’s a zero-day exploit out there targeting Outlook and Word 2010. “To be clear, Microsoft said the exploits it has seen so far attacking this vulnerability have targeted Word 2010 users, but according to Microsoft’s advisory the flaw is also present in Word 2003, 2007, 2013, Word Viewer and Office for Mac 2011.”

Google Now is going to start warning of traffic accidents.

Quora has launched verified profiles starting with Barack Obama. “Being verified doesn’t give users any additional functionality besides a blue check mark next to their questions, answers, and comments. However, it could make other readers more confident they’re getting answers from real experts, not fakers. Quora says it isn’t taking requests to be verified right now and has a long list of people its hoping to get into the system.”

Hey! Tumblr now has two-factor authentication! AND AMAZON STILL DOESN’T! ARGH!

Data wonks: universities will be able to use SAS Analytics for free. “SAS has already teamed up with universities to create graduate degrees in advanced analytics, and the free offering is an expansion of those ongoing efforts.” Good morning, Internet…

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