DOS, Python, D&AD, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, March 26, 2014

Microsoft has released the source code for early versions of DOS and Word.

Wow! Quartz took a look at the Million Dollar Homepage (remember the Million Dollar Homepage?) and finds that 22% of it has “rotted away” (or 404’d away).

Instagram now has 200 million users.

China has a new search engine, but it appears unlikely it’ll get much traction: “The search engine was built by the IT arm jointly funded by China’s state-run media outlets including four local newspapers, two news agencies, and the state broadcaster China Central Television. People’s Daily and Xinhua are among the founders., though, is unlikely to gain much share in a market that’s already pretty much fossilized.”

Twitter is investigating a bug that is apparently causing missing tweets.

Fun with the Internet Archive. Fun with Python. ALMOST TOO MUCH FUN! Downloading all the items in an Internet Archive collection using Python.

Google has has announced big price drops for its cloud computing services. “Google Compute Engine is seeing a 32 percent reduction in prices across all regions, sizes and classes. App Engine prices are down 30 percent, and the company is also simplifying its price structure.”

More Google: it has been granted a patent for the Panda algorithm.

Design and Art Direction (D&AD) is launching an online archive that will be available via free membership. “At present, the online archive only goes back as far as 1990, but the full archive, dating back to the first D&AD Professional Awards in 1963, is scheduled to available from August 2014.” Good morning, Internet…

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