Billboard, Breaking, Elsevier, More: Friday Afternoon Buzz, March 28, 2014

Billboard and Twitter are teaming up to create the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart, “…which will track the real-time U.S. music conversation, using Twitter data.”

Speaking of music, there’s a rumor going around that Amazon is considering a free streaming media service in addition to providing media streaming to Prime subscribers. Amazon is denying it.

Google has released another update to its transparency report. “Government requests for user information in criminal cases have increased by about 120 percent since we first began publishing these numbers in 2009. Though our number of users has grown throughout the time period, we’re also seeing more and more governments start to exercise their authority to make requests.”

More Google: you can now edit images in Google Slides.

Pinterest has apparently gotten hacked and flooded with weight loss spam. Hey, finally a reason to be happy that I don’t get Pinterest!

A little nervous now that people on Twitter can tag you in photos? Here’s how to prevent it.

Interesting from the MIT Technology Review: The Evolution of Automated Breaking News Stories. “A Google engineer has developed an algorithm that spots breaking news stories on the Web and illustrates them with pictures. And it is now filing its first stories on Twitter.”

Elsevier has announced a new open access journal (press release). “As a spin-off from companion journal Schizophrenia Research, which is one of the most recognized journals in the field, Schizophrenia Research: Cognition specializes in providing a forum on all aspects of cognition in schizophrenia, including clinical neuropsychology, neurocognition, social cognition, functional capacity, cognitive and social neuroscience, and aspects of everyday outcome as related to cognition.”

Wikimedia is testing a hovercards feature. Good afternoon, Internet…

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