Boston, Twitter, eBay, More: Saturday Afternoon Buzz, April 5, 2014

TechCrunch has an interesting article on Sitedrop, a Dropbox tool. “After signing up for Sitedrop and authenticating with Dropbox, the files in your shared folder are visible online through a custom subdomain, where they can be displayed in lists or in a more visual format, like slideshows. The service also supports previews for files created by Photoshop (which Dropbox does not), making Sitedrop popular among the creative set, including photographers and designers.”

The city of Boston has a new online local band database. “[Tim Oxton] hopes Noise Atlas becomes a tool for not just Boston bands, but touring acts looking to fill bills with appropriate support or headliner. He envisions Noise Atlas as a tool for promoters, musicians, journalists, and pretty much anyone seeking out music. And stresses that the site is an ongoing work-in-progress — by no means is this a finished project.”

Desktop users can now enjoy emojis on Twitter. LET THE EMOJIPOCOLYPSE BEGIN!

Vine now has private messaging.

This is a little outside my remit, but hey, it’s Saturday: eBay has a new category for virtual currencies.

Google has provided a sneak peek at its new do-it-yourself smartphone. “With different block components that users can affix and detach from a basic frame — such as keyboards, cameras, batteries and speakers, for instance — Project Ara allows radical personalization in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.”

Weekend fun from Amit Agarwal – how to send personalized e-mail using mail merge in GMail.

Microsoft has released details for the final security patches for Windows XP. “According to ZDNet, the “Critical” Windows XP fix addresses problems in Internet Explorer versions 6-9 and 11, though it doesn’t apply to Internet Explorer 10. Meanwhile, the second update is marked “Important” for all versions of Windows, including XP.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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