Dancing, Predicting, Oregon, More: Saturday Morning Buzz, April 5, 2014

Now available: a database of cleared plant leaf images. (Cleared leaves are leaves that have been bleached to make their vein structure more visible.)

Beyond Search has a quick writeup on Similarsitecheck, which — guess! — lets you look for similar sites.

A non-profit has launched an online database of alleged misconduct by the Oakland California police. “Police Beat publishes stories and interactive graphics twice a week from 1,368 lawsuits and complaints filed against Oakland PD and settled out of court from 1990-2013. Almost 400 of those cases detailed violations of Oakland citizens’ civil rights.”

Man, look at all the people clinging to Windows XP. Have you switched yet?

The New York Public Library has digitized thousands of hours of videos from the Jerome Robbins collection.. “The Jerome Robbins Archive of the Recorded Moving Image contains over 24,000 dance films and tapes, and the selection of its holdings now available through the new online portal includes items that span the history of the genre, from the earliest films of the late nineteenth century — such as Thomas Edison’s hand-colored 1897 film Annabella — to the latest HD recordings of modern artists and contemporary productions.” Unfortunately a lot of it looks like it’s not viewable online, probably due to intellectual property issues.

Computer scientists at Stanford has developed a method to help predict which shared photos will go viral.

More predicting: can Twitter be used for economic forecasting?

Good article from Lifehacker — read the comments, too — on tools and apps to make the most of Flickr.

The folks at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission have added photos to the Web site. Over 1100.

The ACLU has has launched an NSA documents database. “We have made all of the documents text-searchable to allow users to investigate particular key words or phrases. Alternatively, the filter function allows users to sort based on the type of surveillance involved, the specific legal authorities implicated, the purpose of the surveillance, or the source of the disclosure.”

Mmmkay. You can now search Yelp with emoji.

Well crap! You can’t send SMS through Google Chat anymore.

Hey, Google Glass is two.

More Google: You can now share your GMail theme. Good morning, Internet…

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