Google, Bing, Twitter, Stanford, More: Monday Afternoon Buzz, April 8, 2014

Google is apparently trying to trademark the word “glass.” Seriously? Seriously? Feh.

More Google: it has launched a “Know Your Candidates” tool in India.

Fast Company has an article on the “ideal length” of various social things — tweets, Facebook posts — and other items like seminars and domain names. On the one hand when I think of short good Facebook updates I think of Frank Coniff. On the other hand does this mean I can’t post cat stories anymore?

Interesting: Four alternative browsers based on Google Chrome. Read the comments (Lifehacker is unusual in that it’s almost always worthwhile to read the comments).

Twitter is rolling out its redesign — and my, isn’t it Facebook-y.

More Twitter: you can now search for Tweets by date? I apparently completely missed this —

Boing Boing looks at CC attribution and Flickr, and fixing something that’s broken.

Stanford University has started an online archive of civil rights photos. I say “has started” because the new online archive has 200 photos in it, and the online archive has over 200,000. More photos will be added in phases.

Bing is apparently testing a (slightly) different search results design. Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. Check out what Yahoo has done with DMARC !!! They are forcing rejects of emails at virtually every mailing list in the world!! Just google yahoo dmarc.

  2. When not using Chrome, I use Epic ( Mainly because it lets me easily proxy my web surfing and is kind of like always on incognito mode in that it doesn’t save anything between settings. You won’t get any extensions and that is a concern for some but at the same time your extensions won’t cause privacy headaches either.

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