NASA, Nightingale, Instagram, More: Sunday Buzz, April 13, 2014

NASA has released 1000 apps to the public. “Software makes up about a third of reported NASA inventions each year, and by publishing a software catalogue the agency hopes to increase the ability of others to make use of its software significantly, said Daniel Lockney, who manages NASA’s Technology Transfer Program.”

Interesting: Wellcome Library now has a SoundCloud account.

Google Translate now lets you edit translations.

I’m kind of surprised: apparently 44% of Twitter users have never tweeted.

A collection of Florence Nightingale letters are now online

Building the perfect portfolio – on Instagram? “In creative fields, having an impressive portfolio of work to show off at interviews or to HR managers is no longer necessarily the key to landing a job. Instagram and, in some fields, Pinterest, have become an important marker of taste and talent alike.”

From Lifehacker: the coolest things you can automatically add to Google Calendar. I like the stardates and the weather forecasts.

Genealogy search engine Mocavo has announced another new set of search features.

Did you have some trouble with Instagram over the weekend? You weren’t alone.

Dropbox has announced some new products. “Amidst the flurry of announcements, one thing became startlingly clear: Google Drive may have the cheapest consumer cloud prices around, but Dropbox wants to be more than just a simple storage locker.”

So who missed the Windows XP shutdown deadline? Why, the IRS. “According to the IRS, it has approximately 110,000 Windows-powered desktops and notebooks. Of those, 52,000, or about 47%, have been upgraded to Windows 7. The remainder continue to run the aged, now retired, XP.” (They’re getting custom support from Microsoft.) Good morning, Internet…

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