Newsreels, Heartbleed, Weeds, More: Thursday Morning Buzz, April 17, 2014

Wow! British Pathé has uploaded 85,000 films to YouTube. “Founded in Paris in 1896, Pathé launched in Britain 14 years later. It single-handedly invented the modern television news format but ceased recording in 1970.”

The UC San Diego Library has launched a digital archive of the United Farm Workers movement. “The archive contains thousands of items, including a timeline of the labor union’s milestones, oral histories and manuscripts, photographs and videos. All of the content can be accessed on the library’s website.”

Google has patented tiny cameras embedded in contact lenses. “Google has previously detailed a plan to build smart contacts that measure blood glucose levels in diabetics to provide non-invasive, constant feedback to both a wearer and potentially their doctor, too. This new system describes uses that could also benefit the medical community, like using input from the camera to spot obstacles and alert a wearer who has vision problems as to their whereabouts.”

More Google: there is now a Google Map of Westeros — along with a tool to prevent against spoilers.

For your protection: a couple of browser extensions that protect against Heartbleed.

The “dark Web” has a new search engine. “Grams, which launched last week and is patterned after Google, is accessible only through the Tor anonymizing browser … but fills a niche for anyone seeking quick access to sites selling drugs, guns, stolen credit card numbers, counterfeit cash and fake IDs — sites that previously only could be found by users who knew the exact URL for the site.” Based on the Grams logo, I suspect there are lawyers writing up C&Ds right this second…

Amit Agarwal keeps it going: How to embed tables and spreadsheet data in Web pages.

The publishers of Farm Industry News have developed a new smart phone app to identify weeds. Good morning, Internet…

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