Google, Twitter, Bing, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, April 23, 2014

An interesting argument for switching back to Firefox. I do like Firefox and NoScript.

Google reportedly wants to go to end-to-end e-mail encryption, but there are some hurdles.

More Google: Google has extended its Glass initiative for nonprofits.

More More Google: Google is testing a favoriting service. “Called Google Stars (although the Google Collections name has also been used in the past), the new option appears to still in very early testing, but it does let users star ‘items’ on the Web as well as add them to folders. ”

Breaking News has launched more topic-focused Breaking News Twitter accounts. If you want an easy way to get breaking news on your phone, Breaking News accounts + Twitter text are great. You don’t even have to have a Twitter account. Here’s how to follow Twitter via text without an account.

The New York Times has launched a new site called The Upshot. “One of our highest priorities will be unearthing data sets — and analyzing existing ones — in ways that illuminate and explain the news.”

Bing is starting to offer predictions. “Based on a variety of different signals including search queries and social input from Facebook and Twitter, we are unveiling an experiment we’ve built to give you our prediction of the outcome of a given event. For example, our first iteration, live on today, attempts to predict which contestants are most likely to be eliminated or move on to the next round of voting shows like The Voice, American Idol and Dancing With The Stars.”

Facebook: Some interesting research on Facebook unfriending. “The study found four factors that predicted someone’s emotional response to being unfriended. Two factors predicted that a user would be negatively affected – if the unfriended person was once a close friend to the one who unfriended them and how closely the person monitored their own friend’s list.”

Twitter has started rolling out its new profiles to everybody. I am normally one to complain about changes like this but I gotta tell you: I am loving the new profile. So much better.

Apple’s retail stores are accepting old products for recycling. Good morning, Internet…

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