Australia, Polish, Quora, More: Quick Thursday Buzz, April 24, 2014

The National Library of Australia has added several newspapers to its Trove collection.

Ever wonder how much e-mail flies around the world every day? Try 204 million. Per minute.

I like reading Quora but sometimes I just want to check out an answer without logging in. Fortunately There’s an easy way to do that.

The EFF and The Sunlight Foundation have teamed up on an easier way to contact Congress.

You can now contribute content to genealogy search engine Mocavo. It’ll even be processed and indexed for you.

PC World has a review of the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, 14.04 (also known as “Trusty Tahr.”) I don’t know if I’ve frothed about it much here, but man I love Xubuntu. Not pretty-pretty-pretty but incredibly solid.

The University at Buffalo library has added two new Polish collections. I like the Polish Peace Posters. Good morning, Internet…

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