Facebook, Twitter, Google, More: Friday Night Buzz, April 25, 2014

Useful from MakeUseOf: 10 Common Web Tasks You Can Do Without Signing Up. Had not heard of many of these. Tasks include sending mail, joining a video call, and file conversion.

Facebook has acquired fitness app Moves.

More Facebook: it has launched the FB Newswire. “According to Andy Mitchell, Facebook’s director of news and global media partnerships, FB Newswire is intended to help journalists and editors discover and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in their news content, as well as find primary sources to inform coverage of big events.”

More More Facebook: The NYT ruminates on Facebook’s “existential crisis”. (There’s a Gwyneth Paltrow “uncoupling” joke in here somewhere but I can’t find it.)

So apparently Google Glass isn’t really on sale for everybody yet. (And I still don’t want one.)

Meanwhile, Forbes calls Google’s Glass Explorer Program a social experiment that backfired.

From Buffer: The Scientific Guide to Pinterest Marketing. I need “The Scientific Guide to Getting Pinterest in the First Place.”

Also from Buffer: Advanced tips for using Twitter. I actually got sucked into this one and did some following housecleaning. I was following people who hadn’t posted since 2009, which was a little silly…

Oooh, okay: 5 Free Apps for Taking Great Notes. Good evening, Internet…

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