Russia, Space, Doctors, More: Skinny Saturday Afternoon Buzz, April 26, 2014

Russia will be getting a state-run search engine this spring.

The White House has released another set of visitor records.

Did you know Google was going into space? “Just two months after Google announced Project Tango — an experimental Android-powered smartphone with 3D sensors — its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team is working to get a prototype inside the International Space Station to assist NASA astronauts with chores and tasks.”

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a new search tool to provide easier access to physician data. “Users can search for a provider by name, address, or National Provider Identifier (NPI). Once a user selects a provider, the tool returns information about the services the provider furnished to Medicare beneficiaries, including the number of services provided, the number of beneficiaries treated, and the average payment and charges for such services.”

From INC: 12 Simple Tricks for Saving Time on E-mail. I will share with you my trick for when I am stuck and can’t get started on e-mail (because it seems like an impossible, Herculean task): I use a random number generator to pick and number between 1 and 10 and work on THAT e-mail, then I do it over and over until I have a good rhythm and feel like I can face all my e-mail.

MakeUseOf has a HUGE article on making the most of Project Gutenberg.

YES. How to Turn off Facebook’s auto-playing video ads. Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. Folders and about 50 filters have conquered my Inbox. But you have to take care in setting it up. Most individuals get their own folder. Some are project folders and some are social groups or clubs folders. Every folder gets a filter. You don’t need to set it up all at once, though that’s the way I did mine. You can add folders and filters as new emails arrive.
    (If you use gmail, they call them labels instead of folders, and one message can appear under several labels).

    Then only unexpected emails remain in your Inbox and you can easily prioritize which folders you deal with first.

  2. Re: “MakeUseOf has a HUGE article on making the most of Project Gutenberg.” — yes, good article, but the copyright/public domain information in it is oversimplified and misleading. It’s true that “life plus seventy years” is NOW the US copyright term, for works going forward from the last law revision, but that’s not going to be relevant for a long time to the question of what older works are or are not in US public domain, and hence can or cannot be made available via PG.

    There are many many works by still-living authors which fell into US public domain (usually because they were not renewed for the second and final period of copyright protection under the previous laws), and there are many many works by authors who have been dead for much more than seventy years which are still under US copyright protection (because they were properly renewed under previous laws, and subsequent changes in laws extended protection substantially for works which were under copyright when the laws changed). See for instance the chart at

    For the MakeUseOf article to imply that the deciding factor in copyright vs public domain for older US works is “life plus seventy” is going to cause a lot of confusion (not that the US copyright system isn’t confused enough on its own already….)

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