Namibia, Google, Yahoo, More: Thursday Afternoon Buzz, May 1, 2014

Yelp is going to identify businesses which accept Bitcoin.

Yesterday I mentioned an alleged ex-Google employee accusing Google of ripping off publishers, and opined that it wasn’t true. The accuser is back and claims to have proof. Still don’t believe it’s true – Google has much too much to lose to play games like this.

Facebook has announced anonymous login.

Namibia newspaper New Era has gone online, with a digital archive now available.

From Lifehacker: the best tricks and extensions to make Wikipedia awesome.

How-to-Geek has an interesting article on why encrypted e-mail is not more popular.

Security: only 39% of US adults have changed their passwords due to Heartbleed.

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Screen for Android.

Google has launched new mobile apps for Docs and Sheets, with Slides coming soon. Good afternoon, Internet…

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