Vine, Google, Firefox, More: Friday Morning Buzz, May 2, 2014

The Guardian takes a look at 77,000 weird videos on YouTube.

Friday morning handy: Smashing Magazine points to Gridzzly, a tool for making your own grid paper.

Google Now now offers you the ability to find your parked car.

Don’t care for GMail’s Android app? Greenbot offers five alternatives.

More Google: from PC World, 10 Chrome Apps that Make Google Drive More Powerful. To be fair, some of these are just nifty things that are integrated with Google Drive, not really Google Drive extensions. But there are useful things here, including diagramming and mind mapping tools.

Activists have sued the city of San Francisco over “Google Buses”: “On Thursday, a coalition of local activists filed a lawsuit asking a judge to prevent corporate shuttles run by companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google from using public bus stops…In the lawsuit, the group said the city failed to conduct a proper environmental impact study before approving the pilot program.”

Do you hate the new Firefox design? Lifehacker shows you how to put it back the way it was.

Twitter is apparently testing an account-muting feature. You know what I’d like? The ability to mute RTs. There are a couple of people in my Twitter feed who have great things to say but go a little nuts with the RTs. I have partially-solved the problem with an RT-free column in my Tweetdeck setup, but at this point my Tweetdeck page is seven columns wide!

Snapchat has added… well… chat.

Vine has revamped its Web site. Among other things, you can now search for videos. I did a search for stop motion and found a bunch of nifty stuff. I did notice, however, that the autoplay did not work in Chromium (it worked fine in Firefox.) Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Good news about Twitter muting. I’m using a mix of AdBlock Plus and the Larry filter for Twitter (Firefox extensions) to manage some of the noise. One way to mute just retweets from an individual is to create an AdBlock rule like this[data-retweeter=”twitter-username”]. Like you, there are a couple people I like to follow but their RTs can be a bit overpowering.

  2. Muting retweets already exists in Twitter – if you go to someone’s profile on the web and click the settings gear next to the Following button, there’s an option there called “Turn off retweets” that does exactly what you describe. It’s been there for a while, but I guess most people don’t notice it because it’s only on the web interface.

  3. Oh to correct myself – actually “Turn off Retweets” is not just in the web interface, it appears in the IOS app but not in Tweetdeck. Dunno about Android or other clients.

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