Fishing, Gardening, Hashtag Search, More: Saturday Afternoon Buzz, May 10, 2014

Smithsonian has announced a crowdsourced digital archive of the culture of America’s gardeners: Community of Gardens. “Inviting every one from master gardeners, landscapers, historians and weekend enthusiasts to browse the records of gardens on a map of the United States or to submit a personalized accounting about a community garden, a school garden, a memory of a past garden, or to detail the delights of a favorite heirloom plant.”

In case you missed it, Alibaba has filed for a HUGE US IPO.

MIT has developed a resource management simulation called FishBanks. “Imagine you are a leader in the fishing industry. You must balance competing against others in a tough industry while limiting your total catch in order to sustain the fishery for future generations. Your decisions affect your company’s bottom line and the health of ocean ecosystems. Can you earn a profitable living without decimating fish stocks? Teachers and students around the globe can now explore this scenario in four languages—English, Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese—through Fishbanks, an interactive management flight simulation, which, along with companion teaching materials, are available online at no cost through MIT Sloan’s LearningEdge website.”

LinkedIn has added language tools to company pages.

The state of Indiana has launched a new Web site and iOS app.

This TechCrunch article about Notivo makes it sound like a more modern version of SpyOnIt — and that’s a good thing.

Lifehacker has a writeup about VideoStream, a Chrome extension that’ll stream any video to the Google Chromecast.

More social search engine options: Here’s a press release about HashAtIt, a search engine for social media hashtags. “It offers advocates of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, the ability to filter trending hashtags or any topics of interest, from these social media platforms by entering a single tag and collecting relevant posts and status updates worldwide. The first of its kind, HashAtIt is the only search engine dedicated to focusing the search on the ever popular hashtags that’s taken over pop culture today.” I ran a couple of searches and it seemed to work okay but it was occasionally slow.

DuckDuckGo has added several new features.

A new tool lets you make collages from Vine videos. Good afternoon, Internet…

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