Google, Foreclosure, Bruce Springsteen, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, May 13, 2014

Google has made a couple of tweaks to Hangout.

More Google: is it completely redesigning its GMail interface?

Oh look, a judge denied a GMail search warrant. “A federal judge in Silicon Valley took the unusual step last week of rejecting a routine email search request, and suggested that Google and the government take steps to halt the now-routine practice in which tech companies hand over the entirety of their customer’s cloud-based computer accounts.”

So apparently if people ignore your Facebook posts your self-esteem is in danger of going down?

From the Library of Congress and I hope none of y’all need it: A Beginner’s Guide to Foreclosure Defense.

Twitter has officially rolled out its mute feature.

Coming soon: an online museum for Bruce Springsteen. “An online Bruce Springsteen museum,, will feature 300 artifacts when it launches in June, a date that coincides with the 30th anniversary of Born in the U.S.A. Among the collected objects are handwritten lyrics, concert posters, report cards and more, with more to be added in subsequent months. The site’s Facebook page currently features images of a number of Springsteen artifacts, including a passport photo, his driver’s license and the lyrics to a song called ‘Henry Boy’ that would become ‘Rosalita.'”

A new computing project helps you donate your computer power to help research Alzheimer’s.

The British Libray’s Endangered Archives blog has news about four new online collections. “Two of the collections hail from African countries, Nigeria and Malawi. The other two collections are from India and Mexico.”

Pinterest has launched paid advertising with “Promoted Pins”. A $30 to $40 CPM? Holy bean dip.

If you’re looking for a quick, useful video to explain 3-D printing, Mashable’s got your back.

Ouch; looks like Tumblr is losing users. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. The Alzheimers project sounded intriguing, but not only do you have to have the “correct” Java installed on your Mac, you also have to sign up for recode. Thanks, but no thanks.

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