Hawaii, Fold3, Glass, More: Tuesday Afternoon Buzz, May 13, 2014

CNN will be using Google Glass for citizen journalism. “The network already has an established citizen journalism platform called iReport which now makes it way to Google Glass. Explorers, the select group of people that Google has bestowed units upon, first have to authorize CNN to send notifications to their Glass unit. Once that is done they can manage settings and even like up an existing iReport profile.”

Now available: a new search engine for patent, litigation, and entity information (PRESS RELEASE.) “With this free search engine, any company can quickly and accurately search RPX’s proprietary database for patents related to litigations, look up co-defendants in a patent litigation, understand litigation campaigns, and create custom alerts to assess and monitor the potential risk they face from non-practicing entities (NPEs), also known by the ‘patent troll’ moniker…. RPX Search provides companies with access to all US patents and applications, every patent litigation filed in a US district court since 2000, and all patent owners and parties in litigations in a searchable, cross-referenced database. The powerful search engine allows users to research current and past patent market data to better understand their patent risk, especially as the threat of NPEs continues to grow for every provider of a technology-based product or service.”

Google Now can help you remember to cancel unwanted subscriptions.

Now available: a new database of more than 5800 soldiers who were killed, wounded, or went missing during the battle of Perryville in Kentucky during the US Civil War..

A new project will create an online database of the miracles of saints’ lives as they occurred in Britain and Ireland between 500 and 1300. “Known as Mapping Miracles, the project is run by Robert Gallagher, Julianne Pigott and Sarah Waidler of the University of Cambridge along with Jennifer Key of the University of St.Andrews. By developing this database, they hope to show what were the similarities and differences in the miracles recorded in saints’ lives, even those that were written in other different parts of the British Isles and centuries apart.”

An article on Forbes Asia pointed me toward Chinese Railroad Workers, an online archive from Stanford University. Collections here include photographs, oral histories, and payroll records.

The state of Hawaii has updated its Web site (PRESS RELEASE). “The new service integrates with seven of the 17 departments and includes a rich, personalized history of all business conducted online with the state. It also directly integrates with almost 60 of the 100+ online services offered in Hawaii. For highlights of the great new features, visit” Also: SECRET KONAMI CODE.

Fold3 is making its World War II collection free through May 31st. Good afternoon, Internet…

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