afternoonbuzz, Glass, Domains, More: Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, May 14, 2014

Microsoft is making some updates to its Outlook Web mail product. I really like the filters it’s getting.

The Census Bureau has redesigned its Web site. “The redesigned provides multiple entry points to data through new topic-based navigation, which centralizes statistical content from numerous surveys around 11 key topics. Additionally, many pages now include links to related content to more easily connect users with similar, relevant information.”

Evernote now has over 100 million users.

A group of online media outlets have formed a collective for breaking news about Ukraine. “A group of six news organizations and digital-media outlets — including VICE, Mashable, Digg, Quartz, Mother Jones and NBC-owned Breaking News — have created a somewhat unusual collective effort aimed at reporting breaking news about Ukraine, an effort they are calling #UkraineDesk.”

From Laughing Squid I found out about Dumb.Domains ( ) that gives you random domain ideas based on the new TLDs. The first one I got when I tried it was Whee!

The UC Irvine School of Medicine has integrated Google Glass into its curriculum. “The effort will start this month – as the academic year begins for third- and fourth-year students – with 10 pairs of Glass. Preliminary plans are to utilize them in the operating room and emergency department. Integrating the devices into medical education complements the ongoing clinical use of Glass at UC Irvine Medical Center, where the technology has already been piloted in operating rooms, intensive care units and the emergency department in order to assess its impact on physician efficiency and patient safety.”

10 Tools to Create Social Media Graphics. I keep thinking I’ve heard of all of these but NOPE, I keep coming across new ones.

The University of British Columbia Library Digitization Centre has joined the Flickr Commons. “The University of British Columbia Library’s Digitization Centre develops and preserves digital collections of photographs, rare books, maps, letters, newspapers, and other items. The majority of these items are drawn from collections held at UBC, but the center also digitizes and makes available materials held at and in partnership with other institutions and community groups.”

Yahoo has acquired Blink and — you guessed it — will shut it down. Good afternoon, Internet…

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