Google, Facebook, Yahoo, More: Saturday Buzz, May 17, 2014

Still looking for free images for your blog? Buffer has a huge list of sources.

Andrew Ng, formerly of Google, has gone to Baidu.

Google has purchased Word Lens.

Interesting: Google and Apple have dropped all patent suits against each other. “To gang up on Samsung!” my brain adds.

Facebook really does not want us to read our wall in chronological order. “But even if only a minority of users want to read their News Feed in chronological order, and even if there are clear business reasons for the changes, that still doesn’t excuse the outright hostility Facebook is expressing to its users in the most recent ‘most recent’ update. The redesign is a flipped middle finger aimed directly at users who just want to do the most natural thing anyone wants to do with a piece of software: configure it to serve their own interests.”

Building a wikipedia-style platform for real time news? “As it stands now, the site is essentially an automated system for pulling in Twitter posts and images related to the upheaval in Ukraine and in Syria, which it displays in a stream that can be ranked either by recency or relevance. Each update also includes a ‘fact check’ feature, which allows anyone to submit a report stating why they believe the information or the image to be true or untrue, with supporting links or documentation. Its founder said the site will soon include YouTube videos and images from Instagram as well as other social-media sources.”

Did the Google Maps Pokemon winners actually win anything?

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Movies. “Whether you’re heading out to the theater or looking for something to stream at home, our writers will guide you to the must-see films, both new releases and lost classics. We’ll also feature in-depth essays from top critics, interviews with Hollywood’s biggest stars , and sneak peeks of the most anticipated films. And with our exclusive live stream events, we’ll continue to put you on the red carpet at movie premieres as well as the year’s top awards shows.” Meh.

Google Glass: four new Glass apps are available. Good afternoon, Internet…

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