Catching Up and Starting Over Saturday Early Morning Buzz, May 31, 2014

Now available: an iTunes-type site for spoken poetry. Listen for free, pay to download.

Twitter is testing video clip suggestions?

What are your Facebook likes revealing about you? “Distinguishing between white and black and male and female users was easy work for the researchers’ model. It correctly determined users’ race in 95 percent of cases and their gender in 93 percent. More than eight out of every 10 users’ political party and religious affiliation could be forecast. About three-quarters of the time, the model correctly predicted if the user smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol.”

Useful from Lifehacker: save Web pages by manually submitting them to the Wayback Machine.

Facebook’s app wants to use your phone’s microphone. This isn’t creepy at all. Nope.

I don’t think that Tethys is a new resource, but I just heard about it. It’s a database of marine energy and offshore wind projects. “The site encompasses hundreds of projects that harness energy by using devices that spin, bob, rise and fall, or sway back and forth in the ocean. Structures include buoys the size of buses that move up and down to capture energy from waves; turbines anchored to the sea floor that spin with the tides; and offshore platforms that support floating wind turbines. Systems typically include a network of underwater power cables that funnel the energy between devices and a main cable that carries the energy to where it’s needed on land. Researchers are investigating potential environmental effects, including noise that might disturb marine mammals, power cables that might emit electromagnetic fields, mooring lines that might entangle wildlife, and spinning blades that might injure marine animals. More subtle effects might include consequences to the shoreline when wave energy is removed from a particular spot of flowing water, or the impact on sea life from moving cold water from the bottom of the ocean to the surface and warm water to the depths.”

Yelp is going to start allowing 12 second video reviews. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

An environmentalist is looking for help to build an online database of Hong Kong’s wildlife. “That is how [Laurel Chor Lik-fung] came to start Hong Kong Explorer’s Initiative – a crowd-based campaign to build an online database on local wildlife. The idea is to encourage the public to explore Hong Kong’s countryside – 75 per cent of the city is green – and document what they see.”

Oh yuck. There’s a new online banking trojan out there… and it’s nasty.

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering has launched the NIBIB Bionic Man Web site. “The bionic man features 14 technologies currently being developed by NIBIB-supported researchers. Examples include a powered prosthetic leg that helps users achieve a more natural gait, a wireless brain-computer interface that lets people with paralyzed legs and arms control computer devices or robotic limbs using only their thought and a micro-patch that delivers vaccines painlessly and doesn’t need refrigeration.”

Now available: a database of sex and gender-specific medical literature. “GenderMedDB retrieves the included publications from the PubMed database. Manuscripts containing sex and/or gender-specific analysis are continuously screened and the relevant findings organized systematically into disciplines and diseases. Publications are furthermore classified by research type, subject and participant numbers. More than 11,000 abstracts are currently included in the database, after screening more than 40,000 publications.”

Hey, new dictionary words! It took Steampunk this long to make the dictionary?

Did you know Google is on Instagram?

Russia has launched a trial version of its Sputnik search engine. “Russian state-owned telecoms company Rostelecom has launched a trial version of its Sputnik search engine offering approved links and information helpful to everyday life, such as buying the cheapest medicine or applying for a passport.”

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