IFTTT, Astronomy, Texas, More: Saturday Afternoon Buzz, May 31, 2014

IFTTT now has a Digg channel.

By now you’ve probably heard about Google’s self-driving cars. Vox has an extensive article on the potential pros and cons.

Pocket is launching premium (paid) features. I upgraded, not because I desperately need the features but because Pocket is damn well worth $45 a year.

The Isle of Wight County Press archive is now complete. I mentioned that it was underway back in April, if this sounds a bit familiar.

The Texas Tribune and Oyez are teaming up to launch an online courts archive. “Oyez’s site will go live in late summer, offering case summaries from the Texas Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals produced by the Tribune and written for a nonlegal audience. The multimedia resource will include opinions, transcript-synchronized videos of oral arguments, justice biographies and decision information. Fundraising is also underway to provide Spanish translations of case information.”

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology at UCL is now offering 3-D images of items in its collections. “Advanced 3D images give users the opportunity to virtually examine and ‘handle’ the ancient Egyptian artefacts thanks to a combination of photography and cutting-edge scanning and imaging technology.”

BYU students are developing a Google Glass app for deaf students. “Professor Mike Jones and his students have developed a system to project the sign language narration onto several types of glasses – including Google Glass.” (This is for an astronomy application where students can’t see a signer in the room at large because the lights are off.)

The bad news is that I’m linking to a PPT saved as PDF. The good news is that the presentation I’m linking to is called “Assessment of API-generated Links to HathiTrust, Internet Archive, and Google Books Affiliation,” and if you’re at all interested in book resources accessed through APIs, this is quite interesting.

Three cheers to Jim E for this article on a retiree who has digitized huge numbers of newspapers. Good afternoon, Internet…

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