Google, WordPress, Video Games, More – Thursday Afternoon Buzz, June 5, 2014

Google’s new encryption extension for Chrome has a little NSA smack talk in it.

More Google, via Lifehacker: using a Google Apps script to find unanswered e-mail in Gmail.

PC World has launched a new blog for productivity apps.

From Social Media Examiner: how to host a Google Hangout on Air.

More Google: Google has added a new section to its regular transparency reports about e-mail encryption.

More MOAR GOOGLE: Alex Chiu has a quick trick for going to a specific date in your Google Web history.

The British Library has released over 200 Japanese and Chinese prints into the public domain.

The Internet Archive’s “Console Living Room” has expanded. “As of today, the Console Living Room now supports 2,300 cartridges for 21 consoles…. As for the games themselves, there’s an untold mass of creativity, triumphs, tears and near-misses throughout the thousands of cartridges. Games that should have been big but weren’t, games that make you wonder what they were thinking, and games that have taken on the patina of warm regard but… just aren’t as good as they say.”

Oh nice! How to easily use Google Fonts in WordPress. Good afternoon, Internet…

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