Indiana, Twitter, New Zealand, More – Thursday Morning Buzz, June 5, 2014

There’s a new slide editor in town! Slidebean has launched (press release). If you hit the link there’s a short video demonstrating how it works. It looks like you enter your main points and Slidebean gives you a lot of formatting options.

The Indiana State Police has announced a new Twitter initiative. Instead of a single Twitter account, it will have 13 district accounts for providing local information.

Speaking of Twitter, the Twitter bot Everyword is winding down.

Bryn Mawr has received a $40,000 grant to develop a digital archive of the “Seven Sisters” colleges. “The archive will focus the first generation of the students at the schools, including Barnard, Mt. Holyoke and Smith. Bryn Mawr’s Special Collections department will lead the effort to digitize materials from each of the school’s libraries.”

Now available: a database about LGBT rights and legislation from around the world. It’s called Equaldex. “The main page shows a world map with different LGBT concerns listed at the top of the page and includes links to which countries allow LGBT couples or individuals the ability to adopt, marriage equality, military involvement, housing and employment discrimination, which places still practice conversion therapy and if one can legally change their gender.”

Instagram has added new photo-editing tools.

Someone has invented a Google Glass jammer. “The technology, called, detects Glass devices on a Wi-Fi network by their media access control (MAC) addresses and blocks their access.”

Google has announced the early alpha of a tool designed to provide end-to-end e-mail encryption. It’s in the form a Chrome extension and is not quite ready for prime time – the code has been released for review but the extension itself is not yet in the Chome Web Store.

The Museum of New Zealand is making 30,000 images available for free download.

Wow, I kind of love this idea: earn “coin” for storing data. The cynic in me thinks that this is just a way to get everyone to grab and store Bad Stuff, but if this was legit — wow! And just think of the other ways to do this. Could you develop an algorithim that applied the same kind of thing to OCRing digitized newspapers, for example? Could we have OCRcoin?

Facebook’s updated page design is rolling out to everybody.

Travelling by car is SO 2001. Google Maps wants to help you travel by Loch Ness Monster. Good morning, Internet…

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