Stars and Stripes, Facebook, Chrome, More: Friday Morning Buzz, June 6, 2014

It would be a more interesting article if so much of it didn’t just point toward YouTube videos, but worth sharing anyway: Using Google Glass to help individuals with autism better understand social cues.

Nice overview from the good folks at Duke University Libraries: Mapping in Google Spreadsheets.

Get outside! The state of Minnesota has a new tool for finding amenities and features in its state parks.

The Stars and Stripes digital archive is getting a WWII update (PRESS RELEASE.) “Beginning June 6, editions from London (1942-1945) and Northern Ireland (1943-1945) will be available at Stars and Stripes Newspaper Archives, created in partnership with”

The US Energy Information Administration has has launched a Flickr page (thanks Esther S!)

Peter R wrote in to tell me about his site, How Many Stores. It provides information on how many stores various companies have in the US (Dippin’ Dots has over eight hundred stores?)

Hey, IFTTT has a Dash channel.

You know how the Secret app is supposed to be, like, secret? Not so much.

Zow: Chrome is now more popular than Internet Explorer.

Greenbot has a quick list of all the Google Now voice commands, in case you need to catch up.

Do you have your Facebook friends list set to private? If you’ve done that, no one can see your friends, right? Um, not so much.

The Internet Archive has an interesting blog post about the first anniversary of the Edward Snowden NSA revelations with links to plenty of media coverage. Good morning, Internet…

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