Films, Rants, Morse Code, More: Monday Buzz, June 9, 2014

Indiana Univeristy Libraries has launched an online archive of World War II propaganda films. 116 of them, in fact. “The exhibition also features a wide selection of government-sponsored films and newsreels from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, with content including the purchase of war bonds, the growing of victory gardens, and the war efforts made by students of historically African American colleges.”

Speaking of World War II, Kodachrome color images of D-Day are now available on Flickr thanks to Libraries and Archives Canada.

Dave Winer has created a tool, Little Pork Chop, that makes it easier to rant on Twitter. Dave… what have you done?

GRAPHICS TOOL ROUNDUP! 12 Free and Low-Cost Tools to Make Pinterest Graphics. Presented as an infographic.

The British Library has begun its Big Data Experiment.

The discovery of the Heartbleed flaw has, it seems, led to the discovery of more security problems. Pardon me while I facepalm.

The Georgia State University Library has completed digitizing The Signal, the university’s student newspaper. There are over 2100 issues in the freely-available archive.

Speaking of Georgia Newspapers, the Vienna Progress is now available at the South Georgia Historic Newspapers archive.

Did you know Wolfram|Alpha could interpret Morse Code?

Google is going to start including tweets in its public alerts service.

Bic wants to crowdsource the handwriting of people all over the world into one universal typeface. Warning: press release. Hmm. If I want the universal typeface to be readable, I better not contribute… good morning, Internet…

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