Twitter, Glass, Photographs, More: Morning Buzz, June 15, 2014

Cornell researchers are “disappointed” with the lack of political voices on Twitter. “Social scientists’ analysis of 290,119,348 tweets from 193,522 ‘politically engaged’ Twitter users during the 2012 presidential campaign conventions and debates found little creative thinking, and a slavish blitz of retweeting ‘elites’ like @billmaher and @seanhannity, according to a new study.”

Speaking of Twitter: an article on how the new government of India will be using Twitter. “Modi, one of the most tech savvy of politicians, made the Bharatiya Janata Party tech savvy much before the party came to power. He is now doing the same with the government, pushing the use of social media for information dissemination.”

The state of Oklahoma is putting its deer record book online. “Oklahoma’s Cy Curtis Awards Program listings are now in a searchable database online at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation web site at”

How to use Google Docs to get your students to talk to you. Morning check-in!

Hey, a POSITIVE Google Glass story! How disabled folks are using Google Glass. “People who are losing their hearing can install speech-recognition software that will display subtitles of their conversations. Parents of deaf children can install apps that will help them learn sign-language faster by periodically displaying hand motions throughout the day. And researchers are exploring how people with severe paralysis could use magnetic tongue studs to manipulate the device, allowing them to send messages far more quickly than applications on traditional computers, which force users to spell out messages by pointing to letters with their heads one by one.”

News Photographer magazine is getting an online version as well as two years’ worth of archives available to access for free (press release). “For the launch of the magazine’s new digital version, readers around the globe will be able to view – for free – the May 2014 issue of News Photographer, featuring a cover story about the photographic winners of this year’s prestigious Pulitzer Prizes, Josh Haner and Tyler Hicks of The New York Times In addition, a two-year back catalogue of News Photographer magazine for the years 2012 and 2013 will be available to viewers in the magazine’s online digital archive. And viewers will also be able to access this two-year back collection of News Photographer at no charge.”

Zooniverse has launched a new citizen science site, Sunspotter, at . Good morning, Internet…

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