GIFs, DOT, MIT, More: Afternoon Buzz, June 17, 2014

Thanks to Genealogy Blog for the pointer to the article about a new photo archive for Dickinson, North Dakota.

Forbes calls this article 4 Social Search Engines to Track User Data when it’s really more like “Four search engines that index social content,” but we shan’t quibble.

I like how people make fun of animated GIFs but everyone keeps using them anyway: 7 Best Practices for using GIFs and Cinemagraphs for Business.

The US Department of Transportation wants some oversight of navigation apps. “A proposed bill would grant the National Highway Safety Administration the right to issue guidelines on the functionality of navigation apps that could potentially be a threat to driver safety and force changes to apps that don’t comply with the guidelines, the New York Times reports.”

Fun from MIT Technology Review: “Data Mining 200 Years of Patent Office Records To Reveal The Nature of Invention”.

Wired takes a look at Google’s “Loon” project, one year later. “When Google announced Project Loon on June 15 last year, a lot of people were skeptical. But Google reports that since then, it has been able to extend balloon flight times and add mobile connectivity to the service. As a result, Google’s expectations are flying even higher than the 60,000-foot strata where its balloons live.”

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Beauty. I got this far — “This is a beauty magazine unlike any other. The first thing you’ll notice is the stunning photos and videos…” thought wait, what? and gave up. Good afternoon, Internet…

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