YouTube, Yandex, Wikipedia, More: Morning Buzz, June 17, 2014

Patch Tuesday apparently broke Office 2013 for some users.</a PC World has a suggested fix.

Google now has “Glass at Work” certified partners, which is probably how they should have focused Glass in the first place. Glass partners: “APX Labs makes Skylight, business software for Glass, which provides workers with real-time access to enterprise data; Augmedix offers a service for doctors; Crowdoptic detects broadcast events from mobile and wearable devices to market context-aware apps for sports, entertainment, building/security and medical industries; GuidiGo works with museums and cultural institutions to help visitors connect with art and culture through storytelling experiences; and Wearable Intelligence creates Glass apps for energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.”

Dreamworks Animation has launched a YouTube channel. Shrek is apparently vblogging. What planet am I on, again?

Up next in the “100% encrypted search” hit parade? Why, it’s Yandex!

Wikipedia is now forcing editors to disclose paid contributions. “A new amendment to Wikipedia’s terms of service now dictates that editors must disclose all employers, clients, or affiliations that provide compensation for contributions to the site. These disclosures must appear within a person’s profile page, as well as a more noted next to edits where this might apply.”

Canadians! Check out this new privacy tool — or should I say disclosure tool? Press release: “Canadians have a new way to learn more about the information being collected about them by their telecom provider. A new online tool which is launching today simplifies the process of requesting information from telecom providers about the information they collect, and about their disclosure of personal information to third parties. The Access My Info tool creates a formal letter which, under Canadian privacy law, telecom companies are legally obliged to respond to within 30 days.”

Flickr has a group for the World Cup – and it currently has over 1000 photos.

Footage from the ITV Wales archive is now available in a YouTube channel. It’s just started; there’s not much here yet.

The Derry~Londonderry War Memorial records are now online. “To mark the centenary of the First World War, Derry City Council’s Archive and Genealogy Service and the Public Record Office (PRONI) have digitised the Derry~Londonderry War Memorial records which are now available to view online. These records contain details of soldiers from the city who fought and died during the First World War.”

PC World has an article on Unchecky, which helps you avoid the pitfalls of bundleware. And PC World, autoplay, non-muted video really, really, really sucks.

From Lifehacker: all the awesome stuff you can do with Google+ photos.

Alex Chitu takes a look at Google’s new “account history” section. Good morning, Internet…

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