LOC, Bing, Fossils, More: Morning Buzz, June 21, 2014

The Woodrow Wilson Center Digital Archive Now has an RSS feed to keep tabs on added documents.

The Library of Congress now has a Pinterest account.

Bing apparently had so much fun forecasting the World Cup that now it’s forecasting the top picks for the NBA draft.

A little off-topic but hey, it’s Saturday: a game/tool/sim to design your own bus systems for real-world cities. “TransitMix is conceived as ‘a sketching tool for transit planners (both professional and armchair) to quickly design routes and share with the public.’ To start, pick a city*. Then, drag and drop points to snap your bus line to the street grid. And by changing variables like headway and peak hours, you get outputs like how many buses would be required during peak hours and an estimate of how much the line would cost to operate.” The asterisk is because there were some issues to getting cities besides San Francisco to load.

Does the Google Play store have security issues? “ reports that two researchers — professor of computer science at Columbia Engineering Jason Nieh and PhD candidate Nicolas Viennot — have inspected Google Play security by devising a tool ‘that uses various hacking techniques to circumvent Google security to successfully download Google Play apps and recover their sources.'”

The New York Public Library wants some help polishing up its historical map collection. “When you log into Building Inspector, you select which maps you want to check, then inspect them for flaws. Most involve the tracing of buildings. If a building has a nontraditional structure — that is, not a classic, four-walled building — the computer tends to give a messy outline. To fix it, you can just click and drag its corners until it fits.”

There’s a new online database of fossils found in Dorset and East Devon Coast. “The Jurassic Coast Fossil Finder showcases almost 1,000 fossils at the click of a mouse.”

How to build Your own weird random Twitter bot. You know you wanna. Good morning, Internet…

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