Glass, Twitter, Venice, More: Morning Buzz, June 24, 2014

Phil Bradley has a quick pointer to TWChat, a tool for creating and participating in Twitter chats.

The BBC has launched a video news channel on Reddit. MMMkay.

Mocavo has been acquired by FindMyPast. Not surprising at all considering how consistently dynamic Mocavo has been for the last several months.

The Guardian has launched “The Guardian for Glass”. “It is easy to imagine how wearable technology might revolutionise live reporting. It is clear that Google Glass and other such products could become essential and exciting tools for journalists, and we have been experimenting in this area. The largest parts of our efforts and our Glassware, however, is concentrated on the Glass experience for our users; to learn how, when and what people choose to consume on this platform.”

Just in time, as Google Glass is coming to the UK.

Yahoo’s Aviate launcher app has come out of beta. “Aviate learns from your habits, and provides recommendations based on the time of day, and what you most likely want to see at that moment. For example, when you wake up, you may see how long you slept (the update includes sleep-tracking capabilities), the weather forecast, news headlines and a brief overview of your calendar for the day.”

The Venice Time Machine is moving closer to a digital archive. “More than a millennium of cultural heritage will be converted into an open digital archive, which will both preserve it and provide a virtual tool for navigating Venetian history. In a digital humanities project called the ‘Venice Time Machine’, EPFL researchers are developing the infrastructure and technology needed to convert the enormous amount of administrative manuscripts from Venice’s State Archives into a gigantic information system, in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University.”

Remember Heartbleed? 300,000 sites are still vulnerable.

The Library of Congress has released a list of recommended formats for long-term preservation.

A new database is available concerning politics in Indonesia. “The Center for Political Studies at the University of Indonesia (UI) has launched a comprehensive online database of statistics and analysis related to political studies.”

From Amit Agarwal: 15 Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome.

The way Google’s search engine updates work can really hurt small sites. That’s one of the reasons I got out of trying to do advertising a while ago. There is no way you can win if you’re on the other guy’s playing field, and they won’t tell you what the rules are, and anyway they reserve the right to change the rules whenever they want.

Wolfram|Alpha has launched the Wolfram Programming Cloud. “The Wolfram Programming Cloud is an application of the Wolfram Language—specifically for programming, and for creating and deploying cloud-based programs. How does it work? Well, you should try it out! It’s incredibly simple to get started. Just go to the Wolfram Programming Cloud in any web browser, log in, and press New. You’ll get what we call a notebook (yes, we invented those more than 25 years ago, for Mathematica). Then you just start typing code.” Good morning, Internet…

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